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Glorenza is a real treasure. I first visited this medieval village with my parents when I was a kid. Since then I love to go back whenever I can and walk the quiet streets and little squares. The valley where Glorenza (Glurns) lies is an amazing place too, surrounded by some of the highest mountains in the Eastern Alps. The border with Swiss and Austria is just a few kilometers away.

The village, founded on a marshland, has had a name of pre-Roman or Rhaeto-Romanic origin since 1163 (the Rhaetians were the native population, subjugated to the Romans): Glurns means “marshland of the hazelnuts”.

An excellent locally-produced speck (Tyrol smoked ham), a rye bread called Calva, made with spelt flour and the apples of the Val Venosta are typical products from here.

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