Piz Ciavazes, via Irma

Early morning: David and Marco approaching the Piz Ciavazes wall. They will go to the right on the “La rampa”. With Alessandro I will go straight up on the route “Irma”. The beginning is terribly cold and we receive the first welcome with some bad rockfalls. Lukily the sun reaches us already on the second pitch and we climb up without problems the first easy 5 pitches.

I lead on a beautiful and difficult yellow slab (VI) and set the belay just after a small roof. The position is super exposed and also not really comfortable. Here Ale is following.

Then a 35 meters high dihedral with very athletic (but also technical) passages (VII-) which takes most of our energies.

On the way down following the very nice “cengia dei camosci” which cuts the Ciavazes wall horizontally.

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