Volcan Puyehue

The chilean Puyehue Volcano became quite famous for its eruption the last 4th of June. The ash cloud was blown across the world reaching Africa and New Zealand. But most of the volcanic material felt in Argentina covering a huge part of the region till the Atlantic coast of Patagonia.

The village of  Villa La Angostura, just 40 kms away from the volcano, has been the most affected by the eruption and it is still recovering from the ashes. The Puyehue is in activity and I was very curious to get as near to the crater as possible. With my good friend Quintupuray from La Angostura we decided to go climb the volcano last tuesday.

We could get a few hundreds meters from the crater but unfortunately the foolish patagonian weather sent us thick clouds and rain: we were forced to go down in order not to loose the way back to the valley. Anyway we could walk in the dead forest, hear the impressive thunder voice of the volcano and feel the soil trembling and moving under our feet: a wonderful and very strange experience.

The volcano only apparently destroyed the life around its flanks because that ash is at the same time a great fertilizer: the plants and woods are already coming back to life stronger and greener than before.

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  1. Verónica Tomás

    Que buenas fotos Rugg……impresionates!!! El apellido de Fer es Quintupuray….creo que falta la n . Tenes que volver para sacar otras…besos

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