Punta della Disperazione

After 3 weeks of bad weather, snow and rain in the mountains, finally we got a quite good sunday. I could not wait more and head out for an easy climb in the Dolomites (Pale di San Martino) with my friends Marco, Ale and Silvano. (please open the post to read it comfortably)

This is how you should not carry your rope!

Marco explaining some stretching techniques

Passed the refuge we went up to discover our wall was still completely wet, with streams coming down and shining in a very shy sun. We decided to go up anyway while it started drizzling and later hailing: it was much colder than we would expect!

First pitch for Marco and Silvano.

Ale and Marco reaching me on the slab.

Ale after leading on the short last overhanging passage, completely wet.

Marco on the last easy passages before the top.

Ale in his shorts freezing on the top and giving advices to Silvano just below.

Marco coming up.

Well done! Where do we go next sunday???

Brrr, better discuss this later in front of a beer!

The guys preparing the equipment for going down.

And this is me… of course taking the pictures you have seen above! (thank you Silvano for the photo!)

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  1. SilvanoSam

    Well done!!! Ruggi…
    Next time, I hope the weather will be better….much better…
    It was amazing…
    I ready to go, just call me…. 😀

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