Archrival at the Venice Biennale

Arena Calcetto, a unique and live installation of five towers which house bespoke fussball tables, is currently on exhibition at the Venice Architecture Biennale.

Archrival was founded by two Sydney emerging architects, Claire McCaughan and Lucy Humphrey. It is a non-profit organisation that unites creative practitioners by allowing architects and designers to create experimental work beyond the realm of professional practice.

An important aspect of Archrival’s work is to present architectural installations for public use.

The installation, which echoes the form of the surrounding trees, is a landscape work of five slender black timber sculptures up to 10m in height. This landscape work is activated by the audience when a playful twist is revealed: the observer is transformed into participant as they discover custom-made fussball tables housed at waist height in the structures. Each table is made functional with handmade fussball players unique to each sculpture, which were created by over 35 teams of architects and designers worldwide.

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