San Romedio

San Romedio

The San Romedio Sanctuary rises on top of a rock 90 metres tall located in the middle of a wild canyon; it is perhaps the most interesting example of Medieval and Renaissance Christian art in the region. The Sanctuary consists of several churches and chapels that follow the orography of the rock and are linked together by a steep staircase of 131 steps.

The buildings have been built in different periods. The oldest one is dated back to 1000 A.D. and lies upon the grave of the hermit Romedio. San Romedio (4th century) was a son of a Tyrolese count. Though the son of a nobleman, as a young man he withdrew to a rock cave in order to meditate. After the death of his parents, he gave away all of his possessions and established himself in the Val di Non in Trentino.

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