Firme in cielo

copertina_firme in cielo

It is with great pleasure that I post here the image I realised for the cover of the last book written by my dear friend Astrid Mazzola: the moon is rising behind the Vajolet Towers, icons of the Dolomites mountains. In the book you will also find a selection of photos I shot during my climbs last year.

“Firme in cielo” is a book about the relationship between the man and the mountain. A witness of this relationship, in the alpinism of the 20th century, is the notebook we sometimes find on top of the mountains or in refuges: there the alpinists are used to write their names, thoughts, emotions.
Exploring an extraordinary wealth of memory guarded by the library of the SocietĂ  degli Alpinisti Tridentini (the club of mountaineers of Trento), Astrid Mazzola does an unprecedented journey in the vast archive that collects “mountain notebooks” from the late 19th century to the present day.

Astrid Mazzola, with photos by Ruggero Arena, Ed. Il Margine, 2013 ISBN 978-88-6089-125-9

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